5 MIG Welding Tips for beginners – Expert Advise

Both for the hardcore professionals and beginners welding requires an essential skill. If you like to do some customization as well as fabrication of your project, you should think about MIG welding Tips for beginners at first. So, it requires proper and adequate skill to maintain a good fabrication option in your projects. Many of you may have gone to class or workshop seminars to know more about MIG welding process. Of course, it is a good idea of attending classes or seminar that provide information about MIG welding.

MIG Welding Tips for beginners
In order add some extra experience to your MIG welding works, we are here with 5 MIG welding tips. These welding tips are especially for those who want to do their welding works properly or precisely.

What do you mean by MIG Welding?

The MIG is the short form of “Metal Inert Gas. Its technical name is GMAW that stands for “Gas Metal Arc Welding”.
MIG Welding is called an arc welding which fed a solid wire electrode continuously by using a welding gun. This works with the weld pool to join two base materials. In order to complete the welding process, the welding gun sent through a shielding gas which is also able to protect the weld pool from becoming contaminated.
Many people prefer MIG welding because it is flexible to use You should not learn deeply as a TIG welding requires. As a result, some people think that is really an easy process. Though they think this is simply easy, you need to learn to become competent.

Below are 5 MIG welding tips for beginners that will help them to become competent.

1. Safety:

Before starting any welding work, you should make sure of having all safety apparel that you need to protect yourself from any fire hazards that may come from the welding area. You should ensure some of the basic safety apparel such as long sleeve jacket, full-length pants (cuff-less), leather boots or shoes, leather gloves, a flame-resistant, a welding helmet, a skull cap and a safety glasses. Make sure that you have those safety apparels to save you from danger.

2. Prepare Equipment:

• Check that your cables are connected tightly.
• Select the appropriate electrode polarity. MIG requires positive DC electrode.
• Set the gas flow rate between 20 to 25 cubic feet per hour. If you spot any leak into your gas hose, you should discard the hose.
• Adjust the tension according to the manual guide. Don’t use too little or too much tension, because it makes your feeding performance poor.

3. Wire Selection:

Select your wire diameter based on the applications. The .030-inches diameter is the perfect fit for thicker metals such as motorsports applications. The .023-inches wire is good for thinner material and the .035-inches wire is good for thicker materials.

4. Gas Selection:

If it is about “all purpose” of shielding gas then you should go for 75% argon and 25% CO2 blend. This type of blends provides best bead appearance and little amount of spatter. If you need deeper penetration, you should use 100% CO2 to blend.


Collier believes that this the most common issue with MIG welding is the welder’s disregard for the welding ground.

Lincoln Electric’s Karl Hoes says that welding requires a confirmation email or arc confirmation feature that prevents the flow of electricity through a complete circuit if inappropriate ground contact is made. The current will seek the path of least resistance, so it is recommended for the welding ground to be placed close to the arc. Firmly anchor the clamp to the bare metal as close to the arc as possible.

5. Voltage and Amperage:

If you want to set perfect voltage and amperage you should check different variables such as welding position, wire diameter speed, shielding gas, joint configuration, the thickness and type of metal. You will find a convenient reference chart inside the door of the wire feed system.

Bottom Line:

Finally, we can say; if you have a MIG welder you should consider following these above tips to handle your machine properly.

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