AHP AlphaTig 200x – Best Review 2020

Though it is easy to professional to buy a welder from the market, it is quite a daunting task for the beginners. This is a diversified industry where technologies are attached to the machine day by day. If you are a beginner, you might be puzzled of seeing diversifications. As a beginner, you should read our AHP AlphaTig 200x to learn with details before buying. Our expert team has suggested us the AHP AlphaTig 200x for its high-quality service and also at an affordable price. So, we are going to write AHP AlphaTig 200x Review for your help.

What’s about AHP AlphaTig 200x?

The Alpha TIG 200x is a 50-pound machine which is also known as a portable machine that you can keep in your studio, garage or small shop. The machine comes with TIG accessories and a control switch. The ability to handle heavy voltage and currents allows this machine working nicely with any thin gauge metal.
Alpha TIG 200x is suitable for use by beginners and professionals, so it is called a dual-purpose welder. The thin rod of this machine provides outstanding precision at every TIG welder works. You can weld on cars, motorcycles, bronze casting, and sculptures and on other materials with this welder machine.

Features of Alpha TIG 200x:

• Its weight is about 38 pounds with 19x23x12 inches in size.
• Able to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and any thin gauge materials.
• Able to handle 3/8 inch mild steel and ¼ inch aluminum
• Able to weld from 6103 to 7018
• Voltage level is between 110 to 220V
• Uses advanced inverter technology
• Easy to install
• Pulse with Modulation
• TIG comes from HF
• A comfortable Foot pedal to control comfortably.

• In order to tackle more welding projects, the machine offers a stick and TIG welder combination.
• The 5 to 230A features a bigger amperage range. Bigger amperage range means: it is more versatile.
• The Alpha TI is one of the most gentle editions on the market that whopping 200 AMPs where the voltage ranges between 100-220V.
• The machine offers both AC/DC capabilities. The DC is quite better to work with steel. On the other hand, the AC current is better to weld work with aluminum.
• You can switch between AC/DC modes easily for its IGBT Technology.
• Can work combined with stability.
• The 60% duty cycle enables you working long hours without any overheating problem.
• Almost all customers of this product complained about the accessories.
• Many consumers mentioned about their poor customer support.
• Many people think the machine is complicated to set up.
• The regulator of the machine is not accurately calibrated.
• While the machine is set-on, the display screen does not show amperage number precisely.

Price and Warranty Issue:

What is about the price? We have nothing to say more about this. The product is perfectly matched on the quality level with its budget. The Alpha welder offers 3 years of warranty service. If you face any problem regarding this machine, you can call the helpline of the manufacturer and fix your machine easily.

Bottom Line:

There is nothing more to tell about Alpha TIG 200x. It is a powerful machine with bigger amperage range with AC/DC capability. Though the Alpha TIG needs to improve their display screen and regulator, we should consider at least for one time before buying a welding machine. This machine is totally up to the mark.

74 / 100
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