List of All Kind of Bad wheel bearing symptoms – Don’t Miss this post

Wheel bearings are designed to last long but they have to be replaced after a certain period of time and the reason is that they wear out, lose lubricity or if they break. If they break completely, it can cause the combination fall off from the car while at a speed which leads the driving very unsafe and dangerous.

Bad wheel bearing symptoms differ from vehicle to vehicle and depend on what kind of problem it is sustaining. Sometimes it is so hard to detect that it can lead you to an accident before you realize it.

All Bad wheel bearing symptoms you need to know

But there are some symptoms which will help you to detect if your wheel bearings need to be changed or not. They are –

  • Wearing the tires abnormally

The first symptom is to wear the tire unevenly though most of the time it is very hard to wear the tire the evenly. When one wheel bearing needs to change, you need to change the other wheel bearing too for safety.

  • Noise of grinding

Sometimes you will hear unlikely noises of grinding from the wheels. You can count it as a symptom of wearing out of your wheel bearing. This noise causes from the excessive heat of the wheels or for the reduction of lubricity. Most of the times, these noises come from one wheel.

So, if you ever find these symptoms, change the bearing as soon as possible.

  • Vibration in the wheel

While you are driving, if you suddenly feel the wheel is vibrating, then it is sure that your wheel bearing is not in a great condition. When you are in slower speed, you can find out the problem.

The horrible thing is as you accelerate, it will get worse and the vibration will increase continuously. So, solve the problem immediately you found it out.

  • Failure of ABS

Due to serious mechanical break or damage, you can lose your bearing clamp. You can also lose internal and external sensors for excessive end-play.

  • Weak assembly

These symptoms are found mostly in the vehicles which have a hydraulic lift. If you are sure that your wheel bearing is facing this problem, you better fix the problem without wasting any time.

The interesting thing is you can test the problem on your own. Just take the wheel and rock the wheel back and forth. If the assembly of the wheel moves back and forth, you will be sure that the wheel bearing is worn out.

You and your vehicle will face serious consequences if you don’t solve this problem immediately.


Always replace your wheel bearings with the manufacturer suggested bearings. Wheel bearings can affect fuel mileage, performance and ride quality. So make sure you get the right replacement parts.

For you, we suggest these wheels bearings tools which are the best in the market.

Final Words

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you’re having a bad wheel bearing symptom or not without driving a vehicle. If you face any of the above symptoms of wheel bearing, you should quickly contact a reliable mechanic to save yourself and your vehicle too.

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