10 Best Angle Grinder Reviews and Guide 2020

You can fairly get your grinding jobs done well if you approach an angle grinder with the versatility of usefulness. But this is a difficult job to find the right selection alone for you unless you meet an expert who spends time on research in a particular niche like the best angle grinder. The most powerful and the larger size do not mean that you need it. You need a thing that meets all your requirements such as your working position, your budget, your working areas and at last the length of time you want to use it. So, to make your hard earnings cost-effective, my guidelines will lead you to a magic turn to have an best angle grinder featured with the benefits of ‘Many-in-One’ as you really wait and laugh to get it.

Top 10 Angle Grinder Comparison Chart

RankModelCordlessVoltagePriceUser Review
1Dewalt DWE402No120$$$Check Amazon
2Makita 9557PBX1No120$$$Check Amazon
3Makita XAG03ZYes18$$$$Check Amazon
4Milwaukee 2680-20Yes18$$$Check Amazon
5Dewalt DCG412BYes20$$$Check Amazon
6Porter-Cable PC60TPAGNo120$$Check Amazon
7Bosch 1375ANo120$$Check Amazon
8Metabo WP9-115No120$$$$Check Amazon
9Porter-Cable PC60TAGNo120$$Check Amazon
10Ryobi P421Yes18$$Check Amazon

Who are you to use an Best Angle Grinder and why?

Basically, the best angle grinders are mostly used for welding, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding and finishing the rough surface of cut material. So, for many uses, the different types of attachments are used for the different types of uses. Say, for example, to clean the glasses of your windows, you can use a brush-type of grinder attachment. It will take minutes to clean them to keep you in amusement in works.

In fact, the proper uses of an angle grinder depend on your wits of using techniques. Nevertheless, the particular users of the best angle grinders are homeowners, sculptors, masons, construction workers, ship-breaking workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, shop-owners and many more.

10 Best Angle Grinder Reviews

We pick and review 10 best angle grinder on the market based on quality, feature, price and user reviews. Take a look our top 10 best angle grinder reviews and chose the best one for you.


Pros – I like it
– Dust ejection system helps work going steadily
– Matching Wheel Flanges to use multiple accessories
– Safety lock protects from accident
– Protected spindle lock for changing the ‘depth of cut’
Cons: I don’t like it
– The wheel guard may be lose sometime
– Trigger is very small and tough to close to wheel

This is the best corded angle grinder. The 11,000 rpm motor works steadily while dust ejection system clears the tool, releasing particles enter through the air intake vents during work. For a quick replacement of wheel, wrench-free quick wheel changing technology works accurately and saves time.

To maximize the depth of cut, protected spindle lock sits on top of the grinder. It presses down the wheel blade for maximum out to have a good depth of cut applications. DEWALT DWE402 is a new version of the best angle grinder comes with thick threading handle that is durable, comfortable and has an easy to work more efficiently.

Auto-off brushes save tool from damage, shutting the tool down for brushes replacement. Otherwise, the 11-amp paddle switch with safety lock keeps the grinder off from a sudden startup to avoid an accident.

Matching wheel flanges for proper use of several accessories such as 4/12” one-touch guard or 2-position side handle. As per the requirement of operator’s easiness in working for 360-degree cutting, the guard removes on a single action One-touch action for 360-degree rotation of the guard. The 1.8 HP best angle grinder measures a standard weigh and size. It is compact to choose.

2. Makita 9557PBX1

Pros – I like it
– Compact and powerful 7.5AMP motor for high performance
– Barrel grip that provides handling easiness
– Lock system on/off features for uninterrupted working progress
– AC/DC power for alternative use
– Metal gear housing for durability
Cons: I don’t like it
– It smells of burning lubricant when starts first

If you are pending for finishing, cutting, polishing or welding materials, the compact tool of Makita 9557PBX1can be your right pick. The Labyrinth construction technology used that protects the powerful 7.5 AMP motor and its bearings from dust and wastages that gives longer life for  every tool of the grinder.

For its better performance, it finishes a particular job in a time frame, because a comfortable 2-1/2-inch small diameter barrel grip and a large paddle switch enhance the handling speed of the best angle grinder. At any angle, you can rotate yourself to have a comfortable usage of the grinder.

This model of 10,000 RPM is equipped with a 4-1/2” diamond blade for cutting the applications easy while 4 grinding wheels for other types of grinding purposes. Because this version comes with multiple advantages of grinding work. The advantage of AC/DC power keeps running the machine on without interruption of works. The alternative power supply helps grinding works easy and steady according to the job sites power supply position.

To get all the tools of the device functional and durable, the ball bearing and metal gear are shielded by a housing to protect from dust and water. The housing for the rotatable gear releases up to 90 degrees for cutting applications at job sites if needed. The most useful features that make Makita 9557PBX1 are 4-1/2-inch diamond blade cutting very difficult materials. 4-1/2-inch grinding wheel edging out materials for polishing and grinding in optimal shape. This 3.5-lbs device’s speed is 10000RPM.

3. Makita XAG03Z

Pros – I like it
– Automatic speed changing technology
– BL brushless motor control to optimize battery energy that saves up to 50%
– The design is compact and ergonomic
– BL motor helps run cooler that provides a better life for tool

Cons: I don’t like it
– It is a bit expensive

Makita XAG03z is powered by 18V LXT Li-Ion battery. The brushless motor this model includes runs for longer time. Because the brushless motor uses a circuit board inside instead of carbon brushes. As a result, the brushless motor remains super clean and super fast. So, this technology of Makita XAG03Z provides long life to work.

To save energy and the life of the grinding wheel, the automatic speed change technology can adjust the power and rotation speed of the wheel. In one word, Makita grinding demands you leave comments for its better performance.

For the tough jobs with grinding or cutting, no alternative but Makita XAG03Z. this is the best angle grinder for concrete, pipe, stone, conduit, tile and so on. It can deal with the tough stuff as you require. To save battery life up to 50%, the BL brushless motor that works well and control the system electronically and more efficiently.

The role of BL brushless motor is mentionable and thanks to the Makita technology that it reduces carbon brushes and get BL motor enabled to run the cooler that gives a longer life for grinder tools. The BL brushless motor is all-around controlled electronically and uses energy according to the demands of an application during an operation.

4. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20

Pros – I like it
– Cordless and handling easy
– 4 pole motor gives extra power to grinding materials
– L shape vents protect tool from debris

Cons: I don’t like it
– Battery needs frequent charge for heavy duty

Milwaukee revises its product version every year giving a touch of modern technology. This cordless best angle grinder model also includes 4-pole power that offers an optimal cutting and grinding performance. Every technology of Milwaukee is responsible for particular worksite. This is why the pressure of the whole grinder is decentralized. It gives long life for every tool used in worksite.

The 4-pole motor provides 2680-20 maximum speed for cutting, polishing or grinding the heavy stuff at job sites. Otherwise, the user-friendly paddle switch enhances the working ability of the grinder. In addition, the facility to work with the device from multi-direction and the handling easiness and comfortability also help work fast.

The overload protection of Milwaukee protects every tool from damaging and saves battery life from abusive conditions for a better performance. The L-shape vents guard against dust and debris that keep the device clean inside for a longer performance.

Otherwise, tool free and anti-burst guards help to a quick guard adjustment. On purchasing, you will have the tool only. The battery is separated for the package.

5. Dewalt DCG412B

Pros – I like it
– Powerful 8,000 RPM motor
– Tool free wheel changing facility
– Two-finger trigger lock-off switch
– 2 position side handle

Cons: I don’t like it
– Not brushless

The DEWALT DCG412B 20V and 8,000 RPM motor is the best angle grinder for welding, cutting and grinding performance for hard applications. The cordless model is featured with an easy and tool-free wheel change facility. It does not require any wrench or tool for changing a wheel. Even for adjusting the guard, it also does not require any extra tool or wrench.

For a proper and comfortable using the lock-off button, it has a two-finger trigger switch. Otherwise, for the handling easiness, it has two-position side handle that provides control and comfort in working. The versatility performance of the grinder in cutting hard metal, finishing cut materials, grinding metal, thread rod, sanding flap discs, finishing metal etc.


Pros – I like it
– Its very powerful
– 3-position side handle
– Tool-free guard adjustment

Cons: I don’t like it
– Sometimes the fixing nut is tricky

The 4.1-lbs Porter-Cable is taking care for their customers with the powerful 11,000 RPM and 7AMP motor that is very steady and works well at job sites. The fabricators, masons, contractors and welders are keeping the model in their first choice. Because for its light weight and super performance for cutting, grinding, polishing and tuck-pointing.

The cast metal gear housing to disperse the heat out, giving the grinder extra power to work for a long time. It also provides safety measures for a tool for longevity and durability. Otherwise, for working easiness, the 3-position side handle helps a worker to work from multiple positions.

It is great and comfortable working with device. Guard adjustment for the device is very easy. It does not require any extra tool to get a guard adjustment fast. The paddle switch provides additional control over the device by automatic shutting off in case it is dropped.

7. Bosch 1375A

Pros – I like it
– Automatic preventive maintenance tool
– Exposy-coated windings for abrasive dust
– Two-position side handle

Cons: I don’t like it
– The gearbox makes noise

In the world of grinding, cutting and polishing, theBosch 1375A is a special model for powerful performance to deal with tough applications. 6.0amp motor with 11,000no-load rmp is unbeatable to every job-site performance for professional or non-professional workers. The automatic preventive maintenance system works well when it needed.

For a better cleaning step inside the machine, Expoxy-coated field winding works well for tool’s longer life. To feel comfortable in handling the device, the model includes two-position side handle.

The well designed Bosc 1375A has lock-on switch for continuous work at site. Otherwise, the model includes helping handles, guards, flange kit, abrasive wheel and spanner wrench for additional uses of the grinder.

8. Metabo WP9-115

Pros – I like it
– Safety clutch to prevent kickback
– The design is very compact and ergonomic
– Tool free fast wheel changing system
– Durable and comfortable handle

Cons: I don’t like it
– It’s expensive

Metabo WP9-115 is designed for the tough applications while it needs to cut, grind, polish etc. For increased safety, it is used non-locking paddle switch while working in case of absent-minded.

The design of the model is very compact and ergonomically.  Tool-free, quick and easy wheel changing system available that saves time. Moreover, the cooler operation that extends the longevity of the device.

The S-Automatic safety slip clutch is available to protect any kickback if a wheel or disc is jammed. The guard of the grinder performs a vital role in changing from grinding to cutting. The powerful 8.5 AMP, 10,500 RPM and AC/DC motor has an advanced design that keeps cool the machine and provides longevity for every tool at any environment. You will feel the grinding job is easy and comfortable if you use once.


Pros – I like it
– The grinder is fast and powerful
– 3-position handle grip is comfortable
– Tool-free guard change
– Durable and speedy

Cons: I don’t like it
– Trigger control power tool is not available

Porter-Cable has been dominating over the grinding devices since 1929. So, the famous manufacturer has a good technological influence on the every device they put in the market. The size of porter cable is 4/12 inch. This is perfect for fast material removal while it has the speed of 11.000 rpm. To keep the grinder fast and speedy it has a 6 Amp durable motor for doing the job site tasks easy.

The Cast metal gear case for the Porter-Cable increases the tool’s stability and durability. For a grinder machine, guard change is a must. So, this model has a tool-free guard changing facility.

The three- position side handle has a great control to run the machine comfortably. Spindle lock that is used for single wrench wheel change.

10. Ryobi P421

Pros – I like it
– Perfect for light grinding work
– Tool free guard changing system
– Works fast and durable
– Comfortable handle grip
Cons: I don’t like it
– Noisy and not perfect for heavy duty

The cordless Ryobi P421 angle grinder is designed with a 6,500 RPM for faster performance. The comfortable GripZone of Ryobi P421 has 3-position side handle works as anti-fatigue.

For working convenience, this model adds an A4-/12-inch grinding wheel. It also includes a rotating battery foot and a onboard wrench storage for quick installation or changing tools if required at work site. So, almost every convenience is present in getting this device online.

The overall performance of Ryobi P421 is great. Cutting, grinding, welding and polishing the materials are the great jobs for Ryobi. The tool-free guard positioning system is easy.

How to pick a best angle grinder

A buying guide is generally a judgment the editors see for their valued customers’ online. After detailing all through your requirements, the additional information that you need to hit your e-wallet is buying a guide. The suggestion is now for you to eye all the features of the features you required. The horse-power, RPM, blade, wheel, brand, energy consuming, different types of discs for different types of work, warranty and handling easiness are mostly mentionable features that you need to read before buying an best angle grinder. So, I recommend you to compare every product side-by-side to have a final decision to buy it.

Best Angle Grinder Maintenance Guide

  • Get your tool with a power cord wrapped with waterproof paper.
  • Check all the joints of wires or small tools before or after use.
  • Use lubricant if needed.
  • Brush your tool with anti-rust liquid after use.
  • Read users’ manual before going to a first user.
  • Keep your tool in a cool and dry place to protect it from rust. Because it reduces the working performance of the tool

Angle grinders are used for what kinds of tasks?

Angle grinders are mostly used for metal work and machining, such as metal piping or steel for welding. They can also be utilized for wood carving, buffing, and other projects. Farriers sometime use them for trimming hooves, too.

Best Angle Grinder Safety Tips

  • Use the grinding disc according to your working aspect.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Use safety glasses, face mask, gloves and steel-toed boot when working.
  • After all preparation for work, the get you grinder’s switch on.
  • Catch the machine well for a good control.
  • Never run your moving disc absent-minded.
  • Be stable to us positional handles.

Final Verdict

We do not force to buy things according to our advice, but we force our valued visitors to read our reviews, analysis, and comparisons. Because we know, to study about a thing is better than to buy a thing blind-folded. This way we help our visitors for years. When you read every features and customers review, then you will get concepts for your right choice. So, stay tuned for the above angle grinder reviews that will help you to buy a grinder you required best. Happy to inform you.

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