Best Cordless Drill Under 150 Dollars

A cordless drill is the alternative of the traditional screwdriver. It is a powerful tool that can do much more than then a screwdriver depending on the attachment or accessories is included. This buying guideline has written after reviewed customers opinions and then mentioned the 5 best cordless drill under 150 dollars.

Let’s check the list of 5 best cordless drills under $150.

1. DEWALT DC970K-2 Compact Drill

Dewalt DC970K is a lightweight drilling machine with double-ended screwdriver bit that weighs only 5.2 lbs. Its high-performance motor is enabling to speed up to 0-450/0-1,500 RPM speed. The machine is run by two pieces of 18V Ni-Cad batteries.


• This Dewalt Drill is the perfect fit for any tightest spaces because the machine is lightweight as well as it is a cordless-drill driver.
• Can perform a variety of base materials such as woods, walls etc.
• The motor of this drilling machine can speed up to 0-450/0-1,500 RPM can deliver 380 unit watts.
• It has ½-inch ratcheting chuck to grip the bit tightly.
• The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty, a one-year free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.


Most of the customers mentioned though the product is packaged in a bag, the case is not hard enough.

2. Dewalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver and DW1354 Drill Bit Set (14 Piece)

– Dewalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver

The Dewalt DCF885C1 is a compact 5.55” size front to back Impact Drivers which weight is 2.8 lbs only. This lightweight impact driver contains 3 LEDs, ¼” hex chuck with 120V Max Battery and 1 fast charger.

– DW1354 Drill Bit Set (14 Piece)

The DW1354 Drill Bit is made of Titanium Pilot Point that makes it longer-lasting. The Tapered bits are durable and reduce sudden breakage. The 10x magnetic screw locking system minimizes drops.


• This 5.55” front-to-back lightweight machine weighs 2.8 lbs that is able to fit into tight areas.
• It has 3 LED lights that provide more visibility without shadows
• The Titanium Pilot Point and no spin shanks are combined for longer life.
• Can be loaded using only one-hand and it starts on contact to get cleaner holes.


• There are actually no major complaints from customers available at online. Most customers praised this Dewalt drill kit.

3. Worx Wx176L Switch driver Cordless Drill

The Worx 2-in-1 Cordless Drill has two ¼ in chucks for bits and it can rotate at 180° angle. You can use both of the two bits at the same time just by pressing the trigger and also you can work even in the dark place for its 3 LED lights. The motor can provide up to 1.500 RPM speeds. This Worx Drill machine weighs 3.1 lbs that mean it is a lightweight and compact machine that is easy to control. The Worx provides a 3-year warranty for this machine.


• The dual chuck will rotate when you switched between them. So, you can save your time by doing drilling works faster than before ever.
• The 2-speed variable gearing speed can perform almost all drilling and driving functions.
• There are a ¼” hex quick changeable chucks that will allow your changing bits very easily and quickly.
• It has 2 MaxLithium batteries which make your machine more powerful for your DIY projects.


Most of the customers think that this an expensive machine.

4. Bosch GSR18V-190B22 Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The Bosch GSR18V-190B22 is a 2.75 lbs compact toll which can tackle toughest drilling task. The product contains a ½ in a keyless chuck, two 1.5 Ah batteries, a built-in LED light and ergonomic soft-grip handle.

• It is a compact designed drilling machine which enables quicker bit changes.
• The built-in LED light helps users to work even in the toughest and darkest areas.

5. Black & Decker LDX120PK Drill and BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set

The Black & Decker is 20V lithium drill machine designed for various home projects. The clutch prevents overdriving screws and includes 68 accessories. The variety of screw driving bits works on plastic, wood and metal surfaces.

• The standard and compact size of this 20V drill machine able to reach the toughest corners.
• The 66 accessories will handle a variety of home projects for masonry, plastic, metal, and wood.


• Most of the customers gave positive reviews and they think that this machine is up-to-date with modern drilling projects.

How can a cordless drill be used?

You should use a cordless drill for . There is also a wide variety of attachments you might need, such as stirrers for mixing paints and high-extension reamers. There are also various sanding surfaces, wire brushes for removing rust, and polishing bonnets for applying clean polish. Take a look at our list of cordless drill uses.

Bottom Line:

These 5 Best cordless drills are the best in ratings from the Amazon according to by the customers’ opinions. Hope, you can select yours one of these 5 best cordless drills.

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