Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews and Guide in 2018

Everyone wants to see small bushes and great looking trees around his house. But no one wants to see trees without any shape and bushes like a wild forest around his house. There is only one way to get this. And that is the hedge trimmer and you need a best cordless hedge trimmer to do that.

These trimmers can clean all the needless branches of the trees easily and quickly. Bushes are also cleaned faster using these trimmers. The most amazing feature of the hedge trimmer is some of them are run by battery power and you can charge them when you need. So, there is no need for a long cord to get power to run the trimmer.

RankCordless Hedge TrimmerBattery PriceUser Review
1BLACK+DECKER LHT243640 Volts$$$Check Amazon
2BLACK+DECKER LHT2220B20 Volts$$Check Amazon
3DEWALT DCHT820B20 Volts$$$Check Amazon
4GreenWorks 2226240 Volts$$$Check Amazon
5Teho Tools 43134 Volts$$Check Amazon
6EGO Power Cordless56 Volts$$$Check Amazon
7Makita XHU02Z18 Volts$$$Check Amazon
8DEWALT DCHT860M1 40 Volts$$Check Amazon

Who and why use cordless hedge trimmer?

Who can use the hedge trimmer? There is no specific use of the trimmer. Anyone can use it, professional or non-professional. If you are an adult, then you can use a trimmer. Age is crucial because there are issues to control the trimmer safely.

When branches of the trees or bushes around your house get too large and thick, you certainly need to cut them. Larger branches and thick bushes both decrease the beauty of your house. Trimmer usually use for make tree shape, so a user should have vast knowledge about best garden tools.

You need to cut them both when you need to restore the beauty of your house. But sometimes you will face difficulties as cutting these are not an easy task like walking in the park. You need to use right tools to cut them. There are big scissors and knives to cut these. But these are very old tools. These tools will not make you ease to cut and also they will waste more time to cut.

On the other hand, hedge trimmers are advanced tools with latest technologies. Though people are using them for a long time, with the rapid change of technology, they are updating day by day.

These trimmers really help the users to cut the bushes and branches with comfort and consuming less time. Cordless hedge trimmers are very convenient because you can take them anywhere to cut. As the cordless hedge trimmer is run by battery power, you can use them over and over again with less cost.

 Top 8 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

For your convenience, I am giving you cordless hedge trimmer reviews here.

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT

makita xhu02z

Pros – I like it
Battery indicator

Anti-vibration feature
Faster motor speed
Low noise

Cons – I don’t like it
Battery and charger need to buy separately

One of the best cordless hedge trimmer which has a great feature of battery indicator and also lightweight . The battery has an indicator light which turns on when the battery needs to charge and automatically stops. It helps the user to know when the trimmer needs to give charge.

To cut with maximum comfort, this trimmer has anti-vibration structure. You can cut with less vibration. The updated motor delivers increased speed to cut taking 2x less time than the other hedge trimmer. For better experience makita cordless hedge trimmer 18v is very useful.

As the noise level of this trimmer is very low, it is very friendly for the users and for the environment. The handle of this trimmer is very much friendly for the users to handle it perfectly without any risk.

DEWALT DCHT820P1 20V Max Hedge Trimmer

Pros – I like it
Powerful motor

Durable battery
Easy to charge
Sharp blade
Good Speed

Cons – I don’t like it
little bit heavy to hold

Thick bushes are hard to cut. But having a 22-inch laser cut blade you can cut any thick bushes or branches easily. It is able to cut thick bushes of 3-4 inches easily. The powerful high output motor enables faster cutting experience to you.

With the help of the handle, you will get a firm grip on the trimmer which will ultimately lead you to cut with ease. To handle this trimmer easily, it has a very lightweight.

For a longer cutting time, this trimmer has high capacity 5Ah Lithium battery. You can recharge the battery quickly to use it whenever you want after finishing the charge.

Black and Decker LHT2436 40v Hedge Trimmer


Pros – I like it
Sharp blade

Less vibration
Powerful battery
More areas to cut
Durable handle

Cons: I don’t like it
Some users claim this trimmer isn’t durable enough.

When it is about cordless hedge trimmer, the battery of the trimmer is the first thing to consider. This trimmer removes all the confusion and headache of your because it has a powerful 40-volt lithium ion battery in it. This battery takes only 1 hour to get full charge. But with a single charge, this battery can trim more than 6,000 square feet.

To use this trimmer with ease and comfort, it comes with a strong handle. It enables you to hold the trimmer firmly and makes your cutting finish in a single time. You don’t need to re-cut. For best cutting performance you should also read black and decker hedge trimmer 22 inch.

The blade of this trimmer is very sharp which ensures the cutting at once. This 24-inch dual-action blade can cut branches or other objects thick up to 3-4 inch. Another great feature of this blade is it creates less vibration than the other single action blades. To use it with convenience, this trimmer includes a charger and a user manual.

EGO Power+ 24-Inch

Pros – I like it
Clean and fast cut

Electronic brake stops immediately
Thick branches can be cut easily
Weather-resistant construction
High-performance battery
Easy to handle

Cons – I don’t like it
Price is high

To cut faster and easier than ever, this top rated cordless hedge trimmers has 24-inch dual-action reciprocating blades. The blades are so sharp that bushes are cut within the blink of an eye. 3-4 inch thick bushes are also cut so easily with this trimmer.

The Lithium battery gives more than 1 hour continuous run time. Another convenient feature is this trimmer is compatible with the other EGO POWER+ Arc Lithium batteries.

To give a durable performance, this trimmer has weather-resistant construction. It will last long to assist you. Its handful handle makes you easy to hold it and cut simply without any extra effort. To give a greater control over the trimmer, this has an electronic brake which stops immediately the blade.


Pros – I like it
40% less vibration

Great battery performance
Sharp blade
Easy handling
2-year warranty

Cons – I don’t like it
Warranty excluding the battery and charger.

Another great hedge trimmer which has a 20 V MAX Lithium Ion battery. This battery can cut 3,000 sq ft with a single charge. The battery is also usable with other power tools. 22 –inch dual action blades give updated cutting experience. And the blades create 40% less vibration than the other trimmers.

The sharp blades can cut branches and bushes thick 2-4 inches easily. The rear handle has rotation feature which can rotate 180 degrees to provide perfect positions. This handle allows the perfect grip to hold the trimmer. For best cutting performance you should also read black and decker hedge trimmer 16 inch.

The handle is very helpful to hold the trimmer very easily. You can cut from different angles to save your time and energy. 5.7 lbs weight also makes it perfect to hold it for a long time cutting performance.

GreenWorks 22262 G-MAX 40V

Pros – I like it
Compatible with other Green Works battery models

Battery and charger included
Sharp blade
Rotating handle
Less vibration

Cons – I don’t like it
Less run than the other hedge trimmers.

Including a 2Ah battery, this is one of the best lightweight cordless hedge trimmer you can use with ease and safety. To save your precious time, this battery takes only 60 minutes to get full charge. With a single charge, you can run this trimmer for continue 50 minutes without any tension.

The 24” sharp blade can cut any small plant or heavy bushes faster than the other hedge trimmer. Steel made construction gives greater performance and reduces vibration. For best cutting performance you should also read greenworks hedge trimmer 22122 4.0amp 22inch.

To cut and control the trimmer with ease, there is an 180-degree rotating rear handle. You can cut from different angles for convenience. You can cut bushes thick 2-3 inch with comfort. To make you enjoy the cutting, this is a complete cutting package for you.


Pros – I like it
Safe cutting

Perfect holding of the trimmer
Sharp and faster cutting
Different angles to cut

Cons – I don’t like it
No battery allowed to us

This amazing trimmer has a powerful motor which helps to cut quicker than the other trimmers. And it also allows different types of trimming tasks done easily. As it is run by electric with the help of the cord, you can cut continuously without any disturbance.

The rear handle has rotation feature which can rotate 180 degrees to provide perfect positions. This handle allows the perfect grip to hold the trimmer.

The blade of this trimmer is very sharp which ensures the cutting at once. This 24-inch dual-action blade can cut branches or bushes thick more than 3-4 inch. It creates 40% less vibration than the trimmers. Lock-off and lock on features remove any chance of accidental start-up and continue operation.


Pros – I like it
Heavy duty battery

Includes battery charger
Dual action blade
Durable handle

Cons: I don’t like it
This trimmer is little bit of heavy

Trimmers are for cutting with ease. That’s why the trimmer you want to choose needs to have a sharp blade. For your purpose, you can choose this one as this hedge trimmer for its 22” laser cut dual action blades. You can cut faster with the razor-sharp blades to save your time and energy.

The blades have a hooked-tooth guard to cut branches more than 3-4 inch thick. The blades are long lasting to give you a durable performance. To cut with more comfort, this one has wrap around the handle. You can cut standing or sit with this handle.

Another great thing is this trimmer has a light weight of 11 lbs which will make the cutting simpler than ever. But the greatest feature of this trimmer is its 40v 4.0 Ah Lithium battery. With a single charge, this trimmer runs for 70 minutes.

Guide to buy a best cordless hedge trimmer

You can’t buy a hedge trimmer without paying money. So, when you are paying, you better make sure that you are buying the top rated cordless hedge trimmers. To pick the best one from the market, you can follow these tips we are sharing here.

  • Quality is the first thing you need to ensure
  • Choose the trimmer having more features
  • Durable trimmers serve for a long time
  • Go for the heavy duty battery for long runtime
  • More battery power gives more sq ft to cut
  • Lightweight hedge trimmers are always best to control
  • Check the blades carefully and make sure that they will serve you the best
  • Sharp blades enable clean cutting through thick branches and bushes
  • Go for the trimmer with less vibration
  • A faster motor gives faster cutting experience
  • Rotating handle gives comfortable cutting experience from different angles
  • All the cheap cordless hedge trimmer are not great. So, be careful.
  • Small  cordless hedge trimmer is the best to handle and cut

Safety Issues

When you use a tool, you must know the safety issues to use it, else you are harming your tool and yourself. Here are the safety issues for you.

  • Keep away the kids from the trimmer
  • Unplug the charger when charging finished
  • Charge the battery when it is fully empty
  • Don’t use the trimmer roughly
  • Hold the handle firmly
  • Put goggles or big glasses while cutting
  • Keep the trimmer in a cool and clean place
  • Read the user manual before using it

Final Words

Hedge trimmers are saving time and energy of the users since they are invented. But cordless hedge trimmer is one step ahead to save time, energy and money. And you can use them at any place. So, if you are determined to increase the beauty of your house, then you should buy a best cordless hedge trimmer immediately.


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