5 Best Drill Press for Metal Work : Reviews and Guide for 2020

Forget the days when you took a drill machine in your hand and put it through a metal object to drill taking a long time. Good drill press for metal is here for you. It has more power, durability, and features to drill metals with greater easiness.

As drilling works are needed for many purposes, you need to have a smart and powerful drilling machine which can save your time consuming less strength. Manufacturers producing these machines and developing them day by day. In this guide, you will get the right idea about the best drilling machines in the market.

What is a drill press?

A drill press is a machine used for drilling objects like wood or metal. It is mostly used for drilling metals. Unlike the older drilling machines, this drilling machine can be set in one place. There is a small table in the machine. Most of the tables are tilting for the convenience of drilling.

This drilling machine runs through heavy duty motor. The motor has at least 2-3 hp for faster drilling. As the machine is fixed to one place and has a table, users can put more pressure to drill. This feature helps to drill easier consuming less time and energy.

5 Best Drill Press Reviews for Metal Work

If you want to buy a best metalworking drill press for your workplace or house, here are our top picking 5 best drill press for metal work.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

5 Amp induction motor
Variable speed
LED display
2-year warranty

Some users say this one is great for wood not for the steel.

Drilling gets easier with this drilling press for saving your time and energy. It includes variable speeds starting from 580-3200 RPMS. The high-quality mechanism delivers equal torque for better drilling. You can change the speed of this machine whenever you want and the LED display will show you the current speed to raise or to lower the speed.

The motor is ultra fast and strong. It has 2/3 hp to ensure the drilling faster than ever. You will get fine torque speed to drill smoothly. For easy reading, there is spindle travel of 3-1/8”. For the perfect and continue drilling work, this drilling press has to lock linear depth. The user should also know about another drilling machine like wen 4208 8 inch power tools, cause it’s so affordable and has different speed level.

To last long and to give a smooth performance for a long time, this machine has top quality construction made with high-quality iron. To make your drilling easier, this drilling press has worktable including rack and pinion height adjustments. You can level it up to 45 degrees left and right.

It also includes table roller extension which can extend to 17 inches more for greater drilling support.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

10-inch drill center
8-inch table size
Durable construction
5-speed system
X2 2 –Beam Laser

It is too small to control perfectly

Drilling means making a hole into the wood or metal objects. If you can’t make this hole properly you can’t have the perfect drilling. So to ensure the perfect drilling, this drilling machine has X2 2 –Beam Laser that helps perfect hole alignment. You can drill easier than ever with this machine.

5 different speed systems help you to cut metal, wood and other objects according to your will. To measure with perfect accuracy this machine has adjustable depth which also helps to drill continuously.

The tilting board can tilt 45 degrees left and right for convenient drilling. The fast and durable motor gives a quick drilling experience saving your precious time and energy. This power tool also is known as bench drill, and should to know about Skill 3320-01 3.2amp power tools.

Having all these features, this drilling machine also has chuck key and durable cast iron base and work table for the long lasting service for you.

Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

Easy to handle
Tilting table

Some users say that the quality of this machine is poor.

For accurate and quick drilling, you can choose this drilling machine for sure. It has perfect height to drill anything in it. The table tilts 45 degrees left and right.

For quick and perfect alignment to stock this drilling machine of a perfect one in the market. The fence system is adjustable and rotatable to 90 degrees.

You can drill accurately and continuously for hours with the help of this drill machines. To ensure you a long-lasting performance, this drilling machine has a very durable construction made with top quality materials.

Unlike other drilling machines, this machine has a very easy use which saves your time and energy. The weight also helps to move it from one place to another.

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

Easy to drill
Saves time
Smooth controlling
1/3 hp motor
One year warranty

Power is not great enough

Having 5 different operating speeds, this drilling machine is one of the best drill press for metal work. You can easily change the speed for your convenience. The fast 1/3 hp induction motor gives ample torque and power for faster drilling works.

To make your drilling works easier and comfortable, this drilling machine has 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 worktable which is also adjustable for heights. This table also tilts 45 degrees left and right.

The spindle travels up to 2 inches and it also very easy to read. For continue drilling and accurate drilling, there is locking linear depth stops.

To last long and to give a smooth performance for a long time, this machine has top quality construction made with high-quality iron. The weight is also great to carry or move the machine from one place to another. The height helps to handle the machine properly by any user.

For better drilling experience, this drilling machine can drill wood, metal and other hard objects easily and smoothly to give you ultimate comfort while drilling.

Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press

Tilting table
38-inch height
Easy to drill
Durable construction

Some users claim that the quality of this machine is not good.

For faster drilling, this drilling machine gives you freedom to drill with minimal as it has 4 hp motor. The motor supports 110 volt with 1.725 RPM. The spindle speed of this drilling machine is 250-3050 RPM.

The spindle travel is 3-1/4 inch for the better support of drilling. And the swing is 13-1/4 inches. There is a 2-inch table dust port in this machine which helps you to keep the dust in it.

The table swings 360 degrees for drilling with more ease. The table tilts 45 degrees left and right. This drilling machine is very easy to use which makes the users drill with greater comfort than the other drilling machines in the market. The user should also know about another drilling machine like Shop fox W1668 drill press also called Oscillator drill press.

This drilling machine has the height of overall 38-inches which makes it perfect for all types of users. You can also move it other places as it has a very lightweight too. It has a very durable iron construction which gives a long lasting performance.

What is the benefit of floor standing drill presses for metal?

There are two key factors for drilling on metal: torque and precision. What would be the biggest advantage relating to a floor standing drill press? According to the popular adage, it’s the torque and precision.

This machine is configured so that it offers solid performance and great accuracy of power during drilling because of its powerful motor and large chuck. Additionally, additional sturdiness and robust composition are found in metal, which makes it ideally suited for this kind of spiked drill bit.

Final Words

Drilling is a hard labor job and sometimes it’s a tough job too. So, if you pick one of these drill press for metal work, you can certainly give yourself relax and more time to do other works.

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