Best MIG Welder Reviews and Guide in 2019

To identify the best MIG Welder 2019, you should enrich your knowledge about MIG welder working process, safety and maintenance process as well. In this MIG welder reviews post, we will write a detailed overview of MIG welding technology.MIG welding is a process where metal active gas produces high-temperature heat and cause melting and joining of two consumable wire electrode and workpiece metal.

MIG welding is alternatively known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) that helps the welder to join heavy gauge steel tubes and thin metal sheet. This type of welding between two metal makes the bond strong, sturdy, smooth and accurate. But using a low-quality MIG welder cause lots of negative issues, like the low intermolecular bond between metals and sometimes cause short-lasting bond as well. Thus a question always raise, how to choose the best MIG Welder for you?

RankMIG WelderItem WeightPriceUser Review
1Hobart 500559 65.3 pounds$$$Check Amazon
2MIG Welder, 208/230VAC85 pounds$$$Check Amazon
3Forney 309 140-Amp64 pounds$$$Check Amazon
4Hobart Handler 50055400189 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
5LOTOS 175AMP 85 pounds$$$Check Amazon
6Everlast 210 MIG Stick40 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
7MIG/Flux Core, 120V, 90A @ 18.5VDC64.1 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
8MIG Welder, 120VAC61.2 pounds$$$Check Amazon
9Hobart 500553 Handler87.5 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
10Forney 324 190-Amp51.4 pounds$$$$Check Amazon

How does MIG Welder work?

MIG welder creates a solution of argon and CO² that blend in 75/25 ratio. This is called C25 and the reason behind using C25 is, this produces at least spatter. Using 100 percent CO² increases spatter that is aggravating.

Voltage and Amperage are another things related to MIG welding that ensures smooth and concrete bond between workpiece metals. Understanding the metal thickness, strength and type of metal are necessary to set perfect voltage and amperage. If you are a freshman, read the user manual before you set voltage and amperage.

Work position and placing the equipment in the right angle always helps you joining the metals effortlessly. There are some common positions recommended by experts – flat position, horizontal position, vertical position, and overhead position. Using any convenient method listed above will help you joining them perfectly. If you are a freshman, you should practice a lot to increase your confidence and efficiency.

Types of MIG Welder

You will find many variations of MIG welder available in the market. Among them Portable, fixed, single phase and inverter MIG welder are popular. These type of MIG welder has good customer demand. People also search Aluminium made MIG welder as they are durable and long-lasting.

MIG and TIG welding are two popularly used welding system that people use to joint thick or thin metals. Types of Major MIG welders are listed below.

  • Metal Made MIG Welder
  • Gas Operating MIG Welder
  • No Gas MIG Welder
  • Electric MIG Welder
  • Dual Voltage MIG Welder
  • Single Phase MIG Welder
  • Inverter MIG Welder

Based on your requirement you have to pick best MIG welder for the money. Best MIG welder for beginners is not similar what you pick for professional. Cheap MIG welder always hampers on your work as like as small MIG welder. Considering MIG welding machine price always help you buying best welding machine for you.

Top 10 Best MIG Welder Reviews

Take a look our top picking 10 best MIG welder reviews for beginner and pro with detailed guide before you think of buying one!

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder:

Pros – I like it
– Corded power electric source ensure better power on your machine
– This is medium weight product – Item Weight 65.3 Pounds
– 115 Volt Power Can Make The Welder Full Functional
– Amperage Range 25 to 140 amps
– Strong Industrial Cast Aluminum used to produce drive system
– 5 point voltage control system
– 1/4 inch mild steel with 24 gauge welds
– 5 years limited warranty with well-written user manual

Cons: I don’t like it
– You cannot operate Hobart 500559 using generator
– Hobart 500559 is not perfect for industrial use
– Amperage Range 25 to 140 amps, you need an extra gas cylinder to empower your machine, this will cost extra

Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP

Pros – I like it
– Flexibility to switch input power from one cord to another
– Versatile and functional with variety types of metal
– All features are user-friendly, easily understandable and intuitive as well
– Multiple power input system – 115V to 230V Increase Work Efficiency
– Medium Weight MIG Welder – 87.5 Pounds
– Gas welding installation method
– Small size MIG welder
– Dual Groove machine that is compatible with SpoolRunner

Cons: I don’t like it
– you can’t use for industrial purpose
– Cables are not long, not flexible to work in long distance
– Power button is not smooth

Forney 309 140-Amp MIG Welder

Pros – I like it
– 9 different size variation – 125FC to270-Amp
– Gas hose and flow meter included with package increase the ease of use
– Perfect for welds up to 1/4 inch
– Standard Argon and Carbon Dioxide Mixture Ratio
– 8 feet long cord length helps to work conveniently
– No battery required to operate
– 62 pounds weight and corded power metal made MIG Welder

Cons: I don’t like it
– One blamed, low-quality roller motor and knob control used in this MIG welder- Cables are not long, not flexible to work in long distance
– Another blamed, Cast aluminum wire feeder is cheap and he got lots of scratch on it

MIG Welder, Handheld, 208/230VAC

Pros – I like it
– Multi-purpose Welder – Both MIG and Flux Core Welding Technique
– Functional with variety types of metal – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminum as well
– Multiple input voltage system – 208 VAC or 230 VAC
– Portable feature MIG Welder- Installation Type – Spot Welding
– Height – 14 inches, Weight – 80.8 pounds Medium Duty MIG welder
– Well-Written User Manual and Covered With Warranty Support
– All necessary accessories included with the package

Cons: I don’t like it
– This is not made for industrial use
– Power Input Switching System is not smooth
– This is corded power welder, thus this is not functional with a generator

Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner

Pros – I like it
– Durable material and plastic cover used
– 10 feet long cable ensure comfortable movement
– Built-in dual gauge regulator and gas solenoid valve
– Corded power electric source ensure strong electricity supply
– Large size 89 pounds MIG welding machine
– Durable heavy duty welding machine
– Covered with warranty support

Cons: I don’t like it
– Voltage setting is little bit confusing but understandable
– Welder hose gun way is stiff
– Ground clamp is poor, you can replace it with century clamp

Forney 324 190-Amp MIG/Stick/TIG Multi-Process Welder

Pros – I like it
– Both Gas or No-Gas (Flux-Cored) MIG and TIG welding system
– 9 different sizes available, you can pick for personal use or commercial use as well
– Metal made corded electric power welder
– 15 feet long length cord helps to work
– This is corded power machine, no battery required to operate
– Multi-Process machine – both MIG and TIG welding system integrated

Cons: I don’t like it
– Poor Quality Roller motor, Wire Feed and Knob Control Used
– Few blamed they received broken parts
– You have to buy some accessory separately – Spool gun, Foot pedal and Tig Torch

LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder

Pros – I like it
– 220V DC Power empower the welder strongly
– Auto dual frequency and multi-power welder
– Functional with maximum metal type – aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and few other metal as well
– Accessories like spool gun and mask are included with the package
– Very much affordable comparing with other welding machines
– Cubic Shape Metal and plastic made Welder
Cons: I don’t like it
– Wire feed is poor and cause shipping damage sometimes, you should replace wire feed with better one to get smooth performance
– Gun trigger is weak that can cause gas leakage problem

2019 Everlast PowerMIG 200 200amp MIG stick welder

Pros – I like it
– Digital IGBT Inverter design ensure stability and low spatter in welding
– Dual voltage operating system helps you setting perfect voltage on your welding
– No battery required to operate and very lightweight product
– Easy to move for its lightweight feature
– 5 Years warranty support ensure getting best support from manufacturer
– Corded power portable style welder that ensure comfortable movement
– Burn back control system with auto pre flow and post flow as well
Cons: I don’t like it
– Not produced for industrial use
– Comes with single color – green

Welder, MIG/Flux Core, 120V, 90A

Pros – I like it
– Auto parameter controller ensure better welding
– Both auto and manual mode system ensure welding more conveniently
– Strong sturdy wire drive and aluminum drive system
– Corded electric power and 120V ensure best power supply on your welding
– 1 Medium Weight Welder
Cons: I don’t like it
– Comparing with same feature product, this is little bit expensive

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC

Pros – I like it
– Both gas-shielded and gas-free flux core welding system
– Cast aluminum made body ensure smooth welding
– Affordable price large size MIG welder
– Specially designed for industrial use
Cons: I don’t like it
– One verified customer blamed that he got poor quality motherboard that burnt after one or two use
– Short length cable impact negative on comfortable work

Guide To Buy A Good MIG Welder

Operating the MIG welder is super easy if you can pick best-featured MIG welder. Most of the people fail to identify the best MIG welder for the money. Cheap MIG welder always impacts badly on your welding. Thus you need to search the features on your welder based on your necessity and budget. The features of the industrial welder and non-industrial welder are not same. So you should know what feature you should search on your MIG Welder.

Steps To Choose Best MIG Welder

Input Power Type: Considering the input power type always helps you identifying comfortable welder.  There are two types of power system available in the welding industry. One is corded power or electric power welder and another is cordless battery power welder. Both have unique and significant importance. Based on your requirement you have to pick perfect welder.

For industrial use, you must pick corded power electric welder. This will ensure best power source with strong electricity supply. For light duty welding, you can pick battery power small MIG welder.

Input Power Capacity: Voltage capacity of your welder empower your welding and helps you get the best intermolecular bond between workpiece metals.  Most of the small welder has 110V to 140V capacity, where commercial welders come with 120V to 230V capacity.

Cable Length: Cable length is another highly considerable feature for MIG welders. Cable length and gun hose length of MIG welder always increase comfort and help you work with ease. Choosing longer cable will be beneficial to work in long distance. Experts always suggest MIG welder that has at least 10 feet long cable. This will increase your work efficiency.

Portability:  Portability refers to the term moving capacity. Electric power welder is not flexible to move anywhere you want. Because you need to plug-in it in an electric source that will supply electricity to your machine. In this issue, battery power welder is always flexible. You can move and work anywhere you want. But battery power welder is light duty welder as well. Thus you need to consider everything with an intelligent mind and pick perfect MIG welder based on your requirement.

The price of MIG Welder: I know the price of welder always impacts big on your MIG welder selection process. Thus I listed all necessary features, advantages and drawbacks of top 10 MIG welder with price variation to assist you finding best price MIG welder at your budget.

MIG Welding Tips – Safety and Maintenance

Proper maintenance always ensures the longevity of your welding machine. To ensure better safety, you must follow all security precautions. Using safety equipment also helps you protect yourself from any kind of danger. Following user manual helps you ensure long-lasting service from your welding machine. To get consistent and strong support from your welder, read the user manual appropriately and set a standard parameter on your machine. This will increase the work efficiency of your welder and ensure better performance, a few times more.

Voltage and Amperage are two important things that you should care about importance. If you fail to ensure better electricity supply on your welder, this will decrease your welding performance. Most of the time this impact badly and you will get low-quality welding on your workpiece metal. To avoid unwanted welding problem, read the user manual and ensure better electricity supply.

Welding gloves, mask, and jacket are some safety accessories that can help you protect yourself from fire flame and danger. This ensures the best security of your eye, hand, and body as well. Ensure these safety accessories when you are ordering MIG welder.

Final Words

Both a layman or a professional can use a MIG welder learning some basics. If you are a freshman, then you need to follow all security precautions to avoid any kind of danger. Though MIG welder comes with the best security system that ensures better protection. But you should check all security features to identify the best MIG welder. In this MIG welder review, I listed some top rated welders with their feature, advantages, and drawbacks to assist you to identify the best MIG Welder for you.

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