Best TIG Welder Reviews and Guide in 2020

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is an arc welding process that helps in joining non-ferrous metals like magnesium, copper alloy, aluminum and the thinner part of stainless steel. Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) that uses a mixture of argon/helium or only argon gas to ensure fluidity and penetration of weld pool. However, Best TIG welder always produce stronger bond and high-quality weld between two non-ferrous metal. In short, I will write top 10 TIG welder reviews below to give you a more precise concept of TIG welding.

RankTIG WelderItem WeightPriceUser Review
1AHP AlphaTIG 200X38 pounds$$$Check Amazon
2TIG Welder, Maxstar40.4 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
3Hobart 500551 EZ TIG60 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
4Everlast PowerTig60 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
5Everlast PowerPro 256S93 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
6LOTOS DC TIG welder9.9 pounds$$Check Amazon
7Longevity Tigweld37.6 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
8Everlast PowerTIG60 pounds$$$$Check Amazon
9TIG Welder, Precision TIG263 pounds$$$$$Check Amazon
10TIG Multifunction Welder 23.1 pounds$$Check Amazon

Top 10 Best TIG Welder Reviews

AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Pros – I like it
– Heavy duty machine
– Multi-Voltage System – 110V and 220V
– Ensure High-Quality Bonds With Aluminum and Stainless Steel
– Foot pedal control system ensure easy maintenance
– Both AC/DC Power Supported
Cons: I don’t like it
– Not fully metal-made body, a plastic used as well.

After that, 40 pound weight AHP AlphaTIG welder is well balance control machine that is very useful for worker. Users or authority should know about AHP AlphaTIG 200X welder by reading review.

TIG Welder, DC, Maxstar 150 STL

Pros – I like it
– Dual-voltage capacity – 115-230V
– This perform best welding with steel material
– Works with DC electricity supply
– Heavy power welding machine
– Medium duty welder, perfect for both personal and industrial use.
Cons: I don’t like it
– Comparing with other products, its price is high advantages

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

Pros – I like it
– Single Knob Control
– Both AC/DC power control
– Ensure high welding performance
– Two-step easy setup
– Well written user manual
Cons: I don’t like it
– Double Pin Plug-in system, not crows foot style plugin

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

Pros – I like it
– Dual voltage 250 amp or 200 amp power option
– Long power cable increase the advantage
– Convenient foot pedal system
– Details instruction for operating
– Medium power welder
Cons: I don’t like it
– This product ships only inside the advantages

Everlast PowerPro 256S 250a Tig

Pros – I like it
– Comparing with same feature welder this is lightweight
– Its portable feature welder, you can use in any place comfortably
– Works with both AC and DC power system
Cons: I don’t like it
– It’s hard to understand vast functionality as beginner

LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig/Stick

Pros – I like it
– Very much affordable price welder
– Portable feature welder – Easy to carry
– Dual voltage welder
– Perfect for industrial use
Cons: I don’t like it
– Complex assembling, as multiple accessories required to assembly advantages

LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx

Pros – I like it
– High-frequency start system and foot pedal helps in convenient control
– Dual voltage power input system
– Amazing Heat Management System
– Heavy duty industrial welder
Cons: I don’t like it
– Pedal design is unusual and difficult to use

In the same vein, Most efficient IGBT Technology Longevity Tig Welder is very easy for operator, that’s why many of worker choice it’s first. Authorities and worker need to know about Longevity Tig Welder Review for best.

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT

Pros – I like it
– Simple, Portable and lightweight Welder
– Multiple Voltage System
– Compatible with AC and DC Power
– Easy to set up and work
Cons: I don’t like it
– Comparatively expensive

Everlast PowerTIG is STICK welding machine, 250A machine efficiency is so better. Excellent cycling power efficiency makes users top list choice.

TIG Welder, Precision TIG 225,208/230VAC

Pros – I like it
– 3 Convenient Voltage system
– Heavy duty welder
– Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Material Used
– Strong and durable TIG welder
Cons: I don’t like it
– Need certified engineer to operate

Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder

Pros – I like it
– 3/8” Strong welding capacity
– Functional with all major metals
– Convenient voltage control system
– Ensure strong welds for modern technique used
Cons: I don’t like it
– One blamed, he did not receive same product mentioned in a picture how

TIG welder work

Though there have some drawbacks of Best TIG welder, but the demand for it remains the same for its efficiency to join thin metals. Above all, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is slower than MIG welding, but ensure concrete, strong-sturdy inter-molecular bond between non-ferrous metals. Meanwhile, Comparing with other convenient welding systems, TIG welding is much complex and difficult to operate. Let’s review, how TIG welder works! TIG welding is very risky work. To sum up, for Safe Operand this power tools, user should know Safety tips of using power tools.

Therefore, In Best TIG welder, Shielding gas impact strongly, to prepare the environment for welds. So, The Shielding gas basically is a mixture of Helium and Argon gas that influence the atmosphere and removes oxygen and nitrogen gas from objects. Most Importantly, Removing oxygen and nitrogen is necessary to avoid oxidation and nitrogen absorption. Because oxidation between workpiece metals make their inter-molecular bond weak and cause poor quality welds.

Meanwhile, The process of TIG welding is slow and complex. To clarify, The inert shielding gas (argon and Helium ) removes oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere and a non-consumable tungsten electrode produces the weld. To sum up, Thus the significance of GTAW process is huge and this ensures long-lasting durable welding than MIG welding.

Guide To Buy a Best TIG Welder

To identify the best TIG welder, you should consider some basic feature on it. Firstly, Type of shielding gas, GTAW electrode, and Secondly, welding torch are some important feature and accessories that can make a huge difference on your TIG welder selection process. Most Importantly, The capacity of your welder impacts positive or negative on your welding. I am going to discuss some key feature and accessory related to GTAW that will assist you to identify the best TIG welder among the available welders.

Shielding Gas: The shielding gas mixture, impact on good welding always. In general most of the manufacturer use argon/helium compound. Therefore, But most metal needs extra fluidity, and thus few manufacturers use nitrogen and hydrogen mixture to empower your welding. Using hydrogen in shielding gas has some drawback. In short, Experts always forbid to use hydrogen to weld ferritic or martensitic metal.

Argon: Argon gas is the most important radical of shield gas. That is to say, Comparing with air – argon is much heavier that helps to remove air from workpiece metal. Argon gas is inexpensive and less electricity required as well. Subsequently, Argon performs with alternative current supply that ensures quick aluminum welding. If you are searching

Helium: Helium ensures adequate gas shield in the welding area. But this needs high arc voltage that creates some negative issue. Though you can use helium gas alone, using a mixture of argon and helium gas ensure best shielding gas production. So, This is inexpensive and functional with low voltage as well.

GTAW Electrode: You should identify Gas Tungsten Electrode with the best intelligence. GTAW electrode always impacts on your TIG welding process. Identifying electrodes are easy for their color variation. The green color electrode is pure and rest of the colors are a less pure alloying element.

Power Capacity: Therefore, Power of TIG welder plays an important role in comfortable welding. Though there has some power variation of welders, most of the expert suggest best 110V TIG welder and dual voltage TIG welder as well.

The Price of Welder: Most of the people are concerned about TIG welding machine price. Everybody search cheap TIG welder, but finding the best TIG welder for the money is hard always. However, we listed top 10 TIG and TIG welding machine with their features to assist you properly.

The Material Used For Production: Welding with a TIG welder will be a fun if you can pick the best TIG welder for sheet metal. You will find many different metals made TIG welder. Among them, Aluminum, Carbon, Ceramic, and Copper are some popular material that used in TIG welder. Most Importantly, Best TIG welder for aluminum is highly recommended TIG welder for beginners.

The size of TIG Welder: To Clarify, Depending on your necessity, you have to pick small TIG welder or large industrial TIG welder as well. Small TIG welder also considered as no gas TIG welder. However, People pick this type of welder because managing gas for TIG welding is time-consuming sometimes.

Considering above features will help you identify best TIG welder for you. However, we listed some top rated welder that can help you find best welder for you. In short, Keep the features active in the corner of your mind and try to justify best Tungsten Inert Gas welder effortlessly.

TIG welding Safety and Maintenance Tips

Therefore, Safety and maintenance of best TIG welder depend on the material used to produce and power supply of TIG welder as well. Likewise, We already discussed some top considerable features that assist you identifying best welder. But the better safety of Tungsten Inert Gas welder always depends on smooth electricity supply. To sum up, Ensuring proper electric supply helps you joining workpiece metals effortlessly.

To ensure safety, you should clean your TIG welder properly and this is a continuous process that you have to do almost every day. Meanwhile, A clean machine performs better and reduces the chances of happening in an accident. In this TIG welder maintenance tips, I will recommend you to clean your TIG welder after every work.

However, Cleaning accessory and safety accessory always helps you maintaining your TIG welder and ensure long-lasting performance. So, Face mask and hand glove always help you protecting your hand and face from a gas burn or any kind of unwanted accident as well.

To get the best performance from your welder, you must follow user manual included with the product. Above all, You will get a detailed guide, how to use and better maintenance tips also. Understanding the power-voltage functionality impact vastly. This can make your welds rich or poor in quality. In Short, Thus you should read user manual properly before you start using your welder.

Your Work Requires What Kind Of Functions?

TIG welding machines are for aluminum welding. They use an alternating current and high frequency. One reason DC doesn’t work so well for aluminum welding is that it tends to produce large amounts of heat creating a deeper, stronger bead. There are many reasons why TIG welding is largely preferred over other methods when it comes to aluminum welding.

Final Words

To join non-ferrous thin metal like magnesium and alloy copper Tungsten Iner Gas welding is best welding technique. This ensures strength, the concrete bond between workpiece metals and durability as well. Though TIG welding process is slow and time-consuming, we listed some top rated TIG welder that perform better and make your TIG welding experience incredible.

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