How to Cut Tempered Glass – Best 5 Step by Step Guide

Tempered glass is a well used glass mostly for safety works. It is hard and strong. For many reasons, a tempered glass needs to cut. But it isn’t easy to cut. If you don’t know how to cut it, it will break into pieces. So, knowing how to cut a tempered glass is very much crucial.

Annealing is the most popular and safe way to cut a tempered glass. Without any risk, you can cut it. You just need to know that How to Cut Tempered Glass and follow some steps to cut it. Here are they.

How to Cut Tempered Glass – Cut Glass in just 5 Step

1. Clean it

You must clean the glass before anneal it. Make sure that the glass free from any dirt and dust. Or it will create some problems while annealing.

2. Anneal the glass

Now you need to anneal the glass to 900 degree Fahrenheit. And then you have to cool it down for at least 8 hours. It will prevent shattering while cutting the glass.

3. Cutting

Draw lines on the glass to make point where you want to cut the glass. It is very crucial to mark the right place on the glass to cut the glass perfectly and smoothly in a quick time without any risk.

You will require a wooden dowel about ¼ inch or 0.6 cm for the prefect cutting. Now take the dowel and put it on the line. You need to give sudden pressure on the dowel, both sides of it. The glass will break into 2 pieces without any chance of breaking into lots of small pieces. Never run the cutter on the glass again for the protection and safety of the glass.

4. Smoothing the edges of the glass

After cutting the glass the edges of it remain sharp which is very risky to handle and carry. So, you need to smooth the edges of the glass. You need to run the edges of the glass or sand the edges of the glass with a whetstone. It will make the edges smooth to use easily without any risk.

5. Re-temper

You can also re-temper the glass after cutting it. As it is a tough and complex chemical process, you better take help from the professionals.

Safety Tips

As the glass is a very sharp object, you need to be cautious about the safety issue. When you cut the glass, there is chance to break the glass and the small pieces of glass can hit in your eyes. Your hands also have possibility to cut.

So, it will be very wise decision to wear safety goggles and gloves while cutting the glass.

Smoothing the edges of the glass also recommended for the safety.

Our Recommendations

There are many tools to cut a tempered glass. We recommend this tools for you. Here are they.

Cutting a tempered glass isn’t a hard task. But you need to be tactical and aware of safety first. Once you learn the procedures, you can do it easily and quickly than before.

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