How To Use a Bandsaw Safely – Best Step by Step Guide

A Bandsaw may not be the primary stationary power tool that people buy from the market, but its versatility makes it one of the most important tools for wood works. If you have a band saw, then you should learn that, how to use a Bandsaw for best use of your purpose. you may want to read our article and watch the recommended video for effectively using your band saw.

how to use a Bandsaw

What do you mean by Bandsaw? How does it work?

Most Importantly, A Band Saw is a pair of wheels included a rotating blade and a supportive table where a motor works and the blade start running. A band saw uses to cut curves of a wood piece. It can cut a thick lumber into a cabriole leg or crosscut short pieces. Firstly, The Bandsaw can rip lumber in a straight line. Secondly, the important thing about a Band Saw is it is mainly used for re-sawing. On the other hand, it can rip lumber into thinner slabs. With the use of an appropriate blade, a band saw can cut any materials, wood or other wood-like materials.

How to use a Bandsaw?

If you are the beginner, you should follow these below steps to learn that, how to use a Bandsaw.


Please Check the Safety: It is your duty to wear safety kits before handling any sort of a power tool. The gloves, goggles and other relevant safety kits that are needed to operate a band saw. In short, Make sure that your cloth is not loose. Your dress should be fitted with your body; otherwise, it could catch into the blades of the saw.


Do some measurements: You should measure the object that you are going to cut down. Of course, you should also measure the object that you are going to cut; it should be fitted through the machine. That is to say, While you are going to cut to a straight line, you should measure the width of the object. You should count that your object will not be stacked between the machine and the blade. In case, you find that your object is bigger in size than your band saw capability, you should resize the object.


Set the speed of the saw: Most Importantly, The speed of your band saw will depend upon the type of the material which you are going to cut off. In general; if you need to cut a softer material, you must need fast speed. If you need to cut some harder materials, you must follow a relatively slow process. In short, After switching on the machine, you should wait for a second to set-up the powers and the speed of the blade is settled.


Now it is about feeding: After marking the object and set the speed of the machine, now you are ready to feed through the machine. Above all, Some Band saws have powered feeder, while in some cases you need to feed your object manually. Remember to check the face of the blade teeth before turning on the machine and setting the speed level. The face of the blade teeth is the side where you are going to feed the object.
If you need to feed the object manually, you should make sure that you hand is at safe distance from the blade. In short, If you are going to feed with a powered feeder, make sure that there is no any other obstacle at the line of the machine and the blade.

Compact bandsaws have a high life expectancy if they are well taken care of.

Fortunately, compact bandsaws make it quite simple to maintain their mobile nature . Blades can be replaced and the blade monitoring settings can be modified to guarantee that your electric bandsaws last for many long years.

Bottom Line:

A firm and consistent pressure on the object will give accurate piece you want. When you found any problem or obstacles in the line of the blade, pull it back and clear the object to move it forward again. If the saw of the machine kicks the object back, check properly and move the obstacles to cut smoothly.
If you have the passion for making different wooden furniture, you may want to get a Band Saw to cut the woods into your desired shapes.

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