How to Use a Chainsaw – Top 3 Best Step by Step Guide

As you have come to read my article, I might think that you have already bought a chainsaw and you want to know how to use it. If you are an expert, you may want to skip this article, but I am requesting you to read through whether you already missed any points of How to use a chainsaw properly.
Before start writing about How to use a chainsaw, we should need to know about the things that make a proper cutting process. Below is the list of these essential things that you need to have to operate a chainsaw.

how to use chainshaw

Step by Step Guide How to Use a Chainsaw

• A user manual. If you already bought a chainsaw, you might find a user manual about how to control the chainsaw. The manual also includes necessary safety features that you will need.
• Always check the safety issues before operating the chainsaw, otherwise, you may get hurt for inappropriate operation. Here is some safety equipment that you might have to buy, a hard hat, work gloves, long pants, steel-toed boots, eye protection and ear protection.

Step 1: How to use a chainsaw safely?

• You can start a chainsaw safely by following two methods: on the ground position and between your legs position. Of course, you should make sure that the chain brake is engaged and the choke is closed before pressing the start switch button.

• If your engine is cold, you should place the chainsaw on flat ground and start pushing the chain brake forward until the chain belt is engaged.

• If you want to start your machine between your leg positions, you should hold the front the hand with your lift arm and hold the rear handle using your right foot, then use your right arms to pull the starting handle until the saw fires. If you are able to start the saw machine, you should squeeze the throttle to disengage.

• If you want to start from the ground position, you should place the chainsaw on the flat ground. Use your left hand to grip the handle, keep your right toe on the handle, and pull the starter rope using your right hand. After pulling a couple of times, the saw will pop out but not start. Now disengage the choke and then start pulling the rope again. Thus you can start your machine properly.

Step 2: How to handle the Chain Saw?

You just need to apply your some common sense to handle the saw.
– Maintain good footing
– Keep good balance between you and the saw
– Check out tripping hazards
– Don’t overreach with the running saw
– Grip the front handle tightly using your left hand
At last, you must know that you are not driving a car, you are driving a chainsaw where little unconsciousness may result in a serious accident.

Step 3: How to pass the cutting process?

In order to cut your selected woods or trees, you should pull brake the chain to disengage and squeeze the throttle. Remember the engine cuts its best when it is in full throttle position.
– Keep away the bar tips from the wood. Using the upper portion of the saw will cause kickback which is quite dangerous. Also, using the top portion of the saw to cut any substance may cause chain breakage. So start from the lower portion of the chain.
– Waist level cutting process is better than using the saw above your shoulder height.
– Cut from the side of the saw to avoid any unfortunate kickback.

Chainsaw Safety Tips for Beginners and Experienced Users

Take the time to keep the chain sharp and tensioned and verify to keep your cuts below shoulder height. Today’s reduced-powered chainsaws (such as electric models)—developed not for professional loggers, but rather for individual hobbyists who want firewood for their property and keep their property well tended—rely on a low-kickback chain that enhances the rate of contact as it passes through the kickback zone, lowering the likelihood of kickback.

Bottom Line:

Cutting woods by using a chainsaw may be fun, but it may be dangerous also. Proper techniques of using a chainsaw will give the highest result. On the other hand, the inadequate knowledge of operating the chainsaw causes serious accidents. So, you should read more about how to use a chainsaw safely before starting your first job.

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