How to use a Jigsaw safely- Follow Best 6 Step

A Jigsaw is a great tool having multiple uses to cut different materials especially hard materials like wood and metal. With the help of the hard and razor sharp blade, anything cuts so fast. It can cut patterns of sheet metal and wood in straight lines.

But it is not as easy as it looks to use it. Users need to know the right way that, How to use a Jigsaw safely to cut something safely. We are giving you some helpful information to use the Jigsaw safely

How to use a Jigsaw safely – Follow Just 6 Step

  • Perfect Jigsaw and blade

There are different types of Jigsaws. You need to choose the right kind of Jigsaw for your purpose. There are electrical jigsaws and battery powered jigsaws. Battery powered Jigsaws are portable but lose power within a short period of time. You need to charge more. Electrical Jigsaws have no chance of losing power but not portable.

The blade is equally important. Blades are made of metal and hard steel. You need to choose the blade according to what are you going to cut. The size of the blade is also crucial.

  • Preparing your workplace

Before cutting, you need to prepare the place where you are going to cut. Select a high place like a table. Make sure that the height of the table is perfect for you. The table must be strong to bear the pressure. The table has enough space around it to stand.

You must ensure that the place has enough light to cut easily.

  • Preparing the tools

There are other tools that are needed for cutting like clamp, workbench, and others. You need to manage them before you start to cut.

  • Marking

If you do better marking on what you are going to cut, it will be better and faster to cut. You can cut exactly the same shape you want to cut in pieces. The cutting pieces will be in the right shape.

  • Perfect positioning of the Jigsaw

Better cutting needs better positioning of the Jigsaws. If you can place the Jigsaws in a perfect position, you can cut with ease. Perfect positioning helps to cut the materials sharply with the edges

  • Smoothing the edges

The edges of wood or metal get rough or unsmooth after cutting. You can use a sander to make the edges smooth and to look them great.

Safety tips

Jigsaw is a sharp tool. If you are not aware enough, any fatal accident can happen at any time. So, you need to wear safety glove first. It will protect your hand and fingers.

When you cut with a Jigsaw, there will be debris all over you and the table. So, to save your eyes from the debris, you must wear safety goggles.

Our recommendations

Different manufacturers provide different types of Jigsaws in the market. For you, we chose these 3 Jigsaws which are best in the market.

For cutting wood or hard metals, Jigsaw is the best among the tools. You can use it with ease. But before using it, you need to know the right use of it to get a smooth cut and for the highest safety.

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