How To Use a Jump Starter – Step by Step Guide

A Jump Starter could be one of the most potential emergency tools for your vehicle when you need to start with a dead battery. Here we have given some easy tips that you need to start your vehicle effectively with a jump starter. Also, we provide some tips that will help you get the longest life of your vehicle.
How To Use a Jump Starter

Step by Step Guide to Use Jump Starter

1. Charge your jump starter.

The first consideration you need to think is the charging. You need to charge your jump starter before using. Every time you use them, make sure they have enough charge. In order to calculate the charging time effectively, you should check the jump starter’s manual.

The charging time depends on three different factors

  • the size of the jump starter
  • the size of the engine being jump-started and
  • how many times the vehicle was jump-started

2. Check the vehicle’s manual for specific information

When you need to charge a jump starter, you need to find a well-ventilated area to keep that. You should wait for at least one after charging the battery fully.

3. Place the Jump Starter in right place

After checking the charging level, now you have to keep the jump starter in a place of the engine bay. The jump starter cables must be reachable to the battery terminals. Also, you have to ensure that there remains nothing that may disturb while the vehicle is moving.

4. Connect the cables appropriately

You must connect the positive the side of batter with the jump starter’s red cable. The positive side is either marked by (+) symbol, or there might be a red plastic terminal cover.

Now, the black cable should be connected either to the negative terminal or to the vehicle chassis where the product manual instructed.

5. Re-check the power switch

After placing the jump starter at the safest place, now you can connect your jump starter with the battery. But before that, you must ensure one thing. You should ensure that your jump starter’s switch is off. This is a must follow rules. You should switch the power button in off position before connecting the jump starter and the battery.

6. Connect the Jump Starter

When everything is arranged properly, now switch in the power button to the on position.

7. Starting and idling the vehicle

Start your vehicle as normally you star it.

If the vehicle is still not started, you should try two or times, not more than that. If that is still not working, wait for two to three minutes to try it again. Otherwise, your jump starter will be damaged.

If the vehicle is started, you should allow it to idle. Make sure your jump starter is connected to the battery for few minutes. It is required to enhance the voltage capacity.

8. Disconnect the Jump Starter

At last, clip back all cables from the holders. Keep the jump starter in a safe place for future uses.


If you have a flat matter, try to pop in or, meet a specially trained person for testing your battery.

Bottom Line:

These are all steps that you require to use a jump starter. Following above steps not only help you to use a jump starter properly but also help you with any potential accidental issues.

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