How to Use a Snowblower – Best of 3 Beginner Guide

In order to remove the snow from your yard, you should learn about “How to use a Snowblower”. This article is written for your help in using a snowblower. Learning about using a snow blower will help you stay safe and enable you to snow blowing quickly and easily from your own comfort.
To elaborate the snow blower techniques.

we must keep in mind these 3 tips that How to Use a Snowblower .

1. Observing the situation
2. Proper snow blowing techniques
3. Consider the safety issues.

How to Use a Snowblower

Below are the details of these three sections.

1. Observing the situation

Determine the direction: Before starting your snow blowing task, you should determine the direction where you want to blow the snow. Just stand outside and feel the wind. Keep remember, you should move in the wind direction. Blowing in the wind direction will be tough, otherwise, the snow will hit at your face. Check the moving objects such as flags, trees or wind chimes.
Select the place where you want to pile the snow: Remember, you should blow away the snow from your pavements. Blow the snow as far as you can. You can try it by twisting the nozzles of the blower. Also, check the capability of the machine to see how far it can blow the snow. Now select an appropriate place to gather all snow.

  • You need to aim an unused area near your house and avoid piling the snow into your walkways.
  • The pile of snow will be melted in the spring season, so you should pile the snow into the good drainage area.
    Prepare your snow blower: Before using your snow blower you should check its condition. You need to make some adjustments these are mentioned below:
  •  Snow blowers run by using oil. The snow blowers do not produce any flame or smoke. So, you should check the oil level of your machine before driving it. Fill your machine with fuel; otherwise, you may need to walk back to your garage at the middle time of your work.
  • If the weather is extremely cool, you can add a fuel stabilizer with your machine to prevent the fuel from freezing.
  • There is a metal piece attached to the snow blower which is known as skid shoes. You should set the lowest setting of the skid if you are working at the paved driveway. On the other hand; you should set the skid at the highest setting if you need to work at a gravel driveway.

2. Proper snow blowing techniques

Clear off your car: Before starting snow blower, you can clear off your car. If your car is out of the driveway or in the street, you should clear that first; otherwise, it will be harder to clean after snow blowing your driveway.
Start from the middle: If there is no wind then it a better idea to start from the middle of your pavement or driveway. Work in circles and move the snow outward as you go.
If there is wind; start working side by side: Move your machine in the same direction the wind blows. This will make your snow blowing task easier.

3. Consider the safety issues

Take some safety precautions: Before starting your work, you should make sure that your pets, children and other important objects are out of the area.

Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes:

You may already know that your loose-fitting clothes may get caught in the snow blower which can causes injury. So, you should wear some form-fitted clothes before snow blowing.

Bottom Line:

These are all for today. There are also some more techniques related to the subjects “How to use a Snow Blower”. We will try to figure out these in next articles.

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