How to use an Angle Grinder to cut Metal

An angle grinder is generally used to cut metals. It is an easy task if we only consider cutting metals. But, we have to consider the safety issues while using this machine. Grinder machine is a powerful machine which may be reasons for many serious accidents. A little mistake may cause serious injuries which may even cause of death.

An angle grinder is used by construction engineers or workers. It is also an important tool in the garages, home workshops, and DIY projects. The angle grinder is able to do several things: grinding, cutting, sanding and brushing.

If we want to talk about the usefulness of this grinder machine in cutting and grindings projects, we should tell that the machine is able to cut Steel, Iron, Brick, Concrete, Stone, Building tiles, Slates,  PVC pipe, Corrugated Iron, Metal Roof Cladding and other steel sheeting.

If we want to talk about the usefulness of Angle Grinder, we should tell that the machine is able to clean rust from iron and steel and remove paints from metals. Of course, an angle grinder is also good for sanding wood.

You can use an angle grinder for various types of cutting, grinding, sanding projects. So, it is necessary for you to know the answer to the question “how to use an angle grinder to cut metal?”

The answer to this question is given below with details for your help.

Step 1: Check all the Safety Precautions first

Make sure that your Work Environment is safe. To create a safe environment you have to do these below things.

  • Select a workplace that is safe from rain and water.
  • The place should be well ventilated.
  • Should illuminate the place adequately.
  • Remove any hazardous materials from the workplace.
  • Remove any flammable materials, flexes and power cables from the workplace.

Wear Safety Clothing for protection

You should wear hand gloves, Ear protection, Eye protection, Footwear, Breathing Protection and a Leather Apron to keep you safe from any potential injuries.

Choose the right Disk for the right job

You have to use the proper disk for cutting material. Before using, check that your disk has no defect. The flange nut should be suitable for the disk and also it should be tightened fully. Never use a disk that’s expiry date has gone over. One important thing to remember, you should not use a cutting disk while you need grinding.

Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully

Before using an angle grinder you should read and understand all recommendations that the manufacturer asks you to do.

Step 2:  Clamp the metal piece firmly on a stable surface

You have to clamp the metal piece firmly. Use a clamp that holds the metal piece which you going to cut. Make sure that it is held firmly. And will not spring back while cutting. You should not hold the metal piece in your hand at the cutting time. 

Step 3: Hold the Angle Grinder properly

Use your two hands to hold the Angle Grinder. Use firm grip to hold. Place it against your body instead of holding it on the edge.

Step 4: Start the Grinder, keep it straight while grinding.

Now, move the disk to the metal body’s area. Don’t force the disk on the metal. Over forces can cause kicking back. It may also cause for disk slipping which may cause serious injury.

Step 5: Cut the metal piece carefully

 Going through the marked line is necessary to cut a metal piece perfectly. Always try to keep the disk straight to avoid kickback and sticking. Check properly that your disk will not bind. If the disk binds, it may throw or shatter out fragments.

Step 6: When you finished, stop the disk, and keep the Grinder into a clean and cold surface

After cutting down the last corner of the metal piece, trigger the machine to stop. Hold the Grinder machine few minutes to stop the rotation. Now, keep the machine in a clean and cold place.

Actually, it is easy to cut metal using an angle grinder. You can also see some videos from online to get more knowledge. We just want to remember you the safety issues. Because using an angle grinder is a dangerous project you are going to handle.

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