Stanley FatMax Hammer 51-403 Review

Sometimes, a hammer is just a hammer. It can be used to hammer nails into wood, or pounded down on your thumb to make it bleed. However, the Stanley FatMax Hammer takes this seemingly plain and simple tool and transforms it into something more powerful than you would ever imagine. With the Stanley FatMax Hammer, you can break boards into logs so that you can start a fire with them or use them as a machete to chop through thick branches.

What are the best brands of hammers?

Estwing is a leading manufacturer of hammers and tools for construction workers, but no matter which hammer you buy or need for your job, always make sure to read lengthy reviews about it first as certain ones can break easily and there are varying opinions on how effective others are. Estwings have long been admired by both tradespeople and tradesman alike. The company has produced hand tools for almost 100 years in Rockford, Illinois.

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