Types of Adjustable Wrenches 2022 – Best Uses and Review

We cannot think a tool-box without having a set of wrenches. Almost every home, factory or garage is used to using the wrenches. Wrenches are such important machinery tool that people used to buy a complete set Types of Adjustable Wrenches instead of buying a single wrench.
It is not possible to write in a single article about all types of Adjustable wrenches that are available in the market.

Types of Adjustable Wrenches

Below are only 10 different types of adjustable wrenches and their uses also.

• Open-Ended

The open-ended wrenches have two ends that mean both last corners of these wrenches are U-shaped. You will see different sizes of open-ended wrenches.

Uses: Open-Ended Wrenches especially used to deal with nuts and bolts. Turning the nuts and bolts are now easier this open-ended type wrenches.

• Box-Ended

This type of wrenches has a closed-loop on both sides of the ends. The loop sizes are different to use for different purposes.

Uses: A Box-Ended wrench is able to fit in a square shape, hexagonal shape, and round shape nuts or bolts. Where the open-ended wrenches do not fit, the box-ended replace the problem.

• Combination

This combination is an open-ended and a box-ended wrench. That means one end of this wrench has closed loo while the other end has an open-ended shape.

Uses: Like the Open-ended and box-ended the combination wrench can open nuts and bolts very efficiently.

• Adjustable:

This type of wrenches is like an open-ended wrench, but the size of the open end is not fixed. You can fix the size based on the nut and bolt’s size

Uses: It means you can use an adjustable wrench for different sizes of nuts and bolts.

• Allen

This type of wrenches comes either in T-shape or L-shape. The head of the Allen has hexagonal recesses. You can operate it like screwdrivers.

Uses: The screw or bolt that has hexagonal heads needs an Allen to turn it.

• Socket

This type of wrench will give you a complete access to a nut or bolt. There is a handle on the one side while on the other size contain a loop to turn. You need not remove the socket after giving a turn; you just need to move the handle from the other site.

Uses: Very efficient in turning the nut or bolt.

• Line Wrench

This type of the wrench is very familiar to the people. It matches both the box-ended and open-ended. The wide ended fit enough to cover completely the head of a nut or bolt.
Uses: The line wrench is basically used for soft metalheads to avoid the damages.

• Ratcheting

This type of wrench is quite like a socket wrench where a metal handle is attached. The ratcheting wrench can move easily while not moving the attached side.

Uses: Where spaces are small and time is short, the ratcheting wrenches can do the job of handling nuts and bolts very perfectly.


This is a kind of adjustable wrench where the jaws of the one end of this wrench are like a saw. The size of the jaws is not fixed that means you can use this for different sizes materials. When the handle is pulled forward, the jaws move to forward and become tighter.

• Torque

While it is about fastening a nut or bot at a precise or specific amount of pressure, then you might need a torque wrench. If you want to avoid over-tightening of any assembly of nut-bolt, you should use a torque wrench.

Uses: Where excess torque may be dangerous, the torque wrench can provide a specific amount of torque.

What makes an adjustable wrench better than a regular wrench?

It doesn’t seem feasible to get precision with a wrench that’s simple. Even the very simplest of actions can become complicated. A regular wrench won’t work well with the nuts and bolts, so it’ll keep slipping and you’ll have to work much longer. In addition, the adjustable wrench makes it easy to work in tight spaces because it is easy to use.

As this product can withstand repeated use, it will be useful to many for several decades. Since the wrench is adjustable, it performs the tasks of many tools, permitting you to use only one tool instead of many.

Bottom Line:

Actually, Wrenches is an essential part of our mechanical life. These can solve different mechanical issues for their Variety of sizes, shapes and head shapes.

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