Wen 4208 Drill Press Review – Expert Opinion

Before writing the Wen 4208 Drill Press review, we should about the Company itself.
Do you know Wen? It was founded in 1951 by Nick Anton. The wen is well known for their designing and distributing affordable power tools by maintaining high quality for decades. Wen has been pioneered to provide a variety of products such as drill presses, bench grinders, tool chests etc. The company has sold over 50 million consumer units by 2001 from its starting.
Based on the reviews of Amazon consumers, the Wen 4208 Drill Press machine is the best seller or you can be called the number one in the stationary drills. In Amazon, you achieved 4.1 stars out of 5. The Wen 4208 is suitable for types of users from beginner to professional to complete their drill tasks immediately and perfectly. If you want to know more about this products, keep reading our below details.

Before Wen 4208 Drill Press Review, Let’s Know About Description:

This is a bright yellow with black finishing machine that is attractive to look and gives a feeling of a premium product. The machine is not heavier in comparison with other similar products in the market. The machine needs a little to place it, so you can save your room space. When you buy a Wen 4208, you will find a complete package that will help you in working on any drill pressing project. The drill head, table, and other important metal are made of cast iron that provides high durability.

• The product is weighted 33.5 pounds
• The dimension is 7.5”x22.9”x11”
• Warranty period is 2 years
• The package includes a Drill Press, Chuck Key and ½” keyed chuck and other tools for assembly
• An inbuilt laser guides
• The induction motor’s horsepower is 1/3
• The work table’s dimension is 6.5”x6.5”
• 5 Speeds: 620 RPM to 3100 RPM.

Wen 4208 Drill Press Review


• The Wen 4208 can provide variable speed to help you work at different range and type of materials. It provides 740, 1100, 1530, 2100 and 3140 RPM.
• Though it is a high-quality machine, you can buy this at a very affordable price.
• The cast-iron based metal construction of the base, column, and table will give more durability and stability.
• The adjustment knob allows fixing the bit easily.
• You can move the table both the left and right sides into the 45-degree angle.

• The machine is a bit weaker to handle hard steel surface. It cannot drill high-density metal which is more than ½”.
• The product is as not simple as you think. While using this product you will find lack of simplicity problem.

What are the primary categories of drill presses?

drill presses that have two significant categories: Hand-held and Floor/Stationary drill presses. Hand-held drill presses are designed to hold by a hand. Pellidges are typically about 8 to 12 inches in length and are significantly less powerful than floor drills; they can manage rudimentary to complex tasks, although they are not able to tackle heavy-duty tasks. Floor drill presses are designed for heavy-duty jobs. They have quill drills of about 13 to 20 inches and are the most popular option by specialists.

Bottom Line:

After you reading Wen 4208 Drill Press Review, It is sure that you are highly recommending the Wen 4208 drill press. Though it uses a smaller 1/3 HP motor, it can do a wide range of drilling-related works. The tillable table with variable speed gives you consistent comfort to versatile works. If you want to compare this machine we should mention about Craftsman 8”. The Craftsman 8” is a high-quality machine, but that one is expensive too. In this regard, the Wen 4208 can provide same quality but on a cheap budget. That is why, we recommend the Wen 4208 if you have to maintain a tight budget but have to work with wood, ceramics, plastic or other soft metals that are less than ½” thick.

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