Woodworking Hand Tools for Beginners – Best Step by Step Guide

The activity or skill of making things from wood is known as woodworking. With the development of modern technology hand tools for woodworking have changed. For beginners, woodworking is a hard job, but it will get easier if you have a strong will and good quality hand tools.

When you start traditional woodworking, there are lots of hand tools you can buy. For woodworking hand tools for beginners are as followings:

Woodworking Hand Tools for Beginners

Sturdy Workbench

A good, solid workbench is the first thing you need to set up a workshop. A workbench is the center of a traditional woodworker’s world.

Jack Plane

It is a medium sized plane. Jack Plane used for smoothing or scrub the wood. No. 5 Jack Plane or No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane is the best for beginners.

Block Plane

This is mainly used for trimming you joints. You can also use it to put chamfers on edges, grain, and trim etc. We recommend a low angle block plane to let you cut difficult grains more easily.

Circular Saw

Circular Saw mainly used for cutting wood very smoothly, this saw mainly used by hand. There are two types of circular saw that is corded and cordless. You should know Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw, after reading product review then you can understand which is better.

Panel Saw (Rip Teeth)

To cut sheets of wood down into a size that you need you’ll be needing a good panel saw. Rip teeth saw is used to cut with the grain.

Panel Saw (Cross-cut Teeth)

Just as the name implies a Cross Cut saw is used in cutting across the grain like a knife.

Bench Chisel Set

Chisels are used for roughing out the shape of a pattern or design. For tiny details you’ll need small chisels and the large chisels will allow you to remove a big section of wood.

Miter Box

It is a tool used to guide a hand saw to make precise miter cuts on board.

Mortise Chisel

Mortise chisel is used for chopping mortises easily. We recommend you to begin with 1/4″.

Dovetail Saw (Rip-cut toothed)

A small backsaw has a thin blade, fine teeth (in rip configuration), and straight handle. It is used for accurate work and allows you to cut through the grain.

Carcass Saw (Cross-cut toothed)

With carcass saw you’ll be able to cut precisely across the grain. You can use it for cutting tenon shoulders and defining the edges of a dado.

Tenon Saw (Rip-cut toothed)

To cut interlocking joint or hinge, tenon was the tool you’ll be looking for.

Miter saw

It is a saw used to make accurate crosscuts and miters in a workpiece.

Coping Saw

It is primarily used for rough shapes on the board. But you can also remove waste from dovetail joints using it.

6-inch Combination Square

A combination square is compatible for different types of works like checking the squareness of boards.

Other Tools

You’ll need to try square, sliding bevel square, dividers (compass), Marking Gauge, tape measure, marking knife, wooden mallet, shoulder plane, few clamps, etc.

With this tools list, it isn’t a hard task. But you need to be tactical and aware of safety first.

If you are thinking about starting woodworking, then these hand tools are must have items in your workshop. When you work, these tools will be all around your workbench. A high-quality tool will last for years.

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